Ham from Maximiliano Double X

  • Raised in freedom
  • Natural product
  • Curing of more than 24 months

Iberian Ham from Jabugo with the best quality-price ratio. Selected in our dryer in Jabugo with a minimum curation of 24 months.

Now €179.40 Before €213.42

Si compra antes de las 14:00 hrs. se lo preparamos y mañana Tuesday 30 puede disfrutarlo en casa.
También puede indicarnos una fecha de entrega posterior en el proceso de compra.


✅ Si no le gusta, lo recogemos y le devolvemos el dinero. Sin preguntas y sin molestias. 

✅ Lo seleccionamos en su punto óptimo de curación. 

✅ Envío urgente gratuito. Todos los envíos se entregan de lunes a sábado. Al día siguiente del pedido antes del medio día. 

✅ Puede pagarlo en casa sin costes añadidos y de forma segura al recibirlo. 

✅ Lo puede recibir ya cortado y al vacío. Todo el sabor con la máxima comodidad. 

These hams proceed from the happiest pigs ever, bred and fed freely in our farms located in Andalucia and Extremadura. This healthy roaming and natural nourishment result in a top quality ham, with exceptional marbled meat.

Our customers agree on that our Double X ham enjoys the best quality price ratio. The only one with an 100% guaranty. If you were not fully satisfied, we will replace or refund it without any question and free of any extra charge.

Once selected the weight you desire , you will have to decide the way you want to enjoy it. If you feel like a full ham on the bone , we will therefore select in our drying facilities in Jabugo the one which curing process matches better your preference and taste. We will test it with the traditional punch called cala to get sure it is perfect and we will ship it to you wrapped into a fat protecting paper on top of which an 100% cotton cloth cover with its corresponding certification seal and a leaflet about its characteristics. Every single ham is being packaged individually with care and finally placed into an exclusive gift set.

You might prefer the convenience of the hand/knife cut option. We will select for you our best ham at its optimum maturing stage from our drying room and our Maestros cortadores will cut it the traditional way, slice after slice. These will be vacuum-packed in 80grs. sachet together with the cutouts separately.

If your preferred format were to be “machine sliced”, we would proceed from a previously deboned ham that would be sliced and placed in 100grs. vacuum packs, in which we will combine slices from the different part of the ham. You might therefore enjoy this top convenience set without any quality concession.

Consumption and storage:

Once received your ham, for an improved preservation you should undress it from its cotton cover and either hang it or directly place it on a ham stand at room temperature from 16º to 25ºC.

Our advice to start on would be to begin with the cushion (placing the wider side of the ham upwards) before stripping carefully any harsh skins and other oxidized fat from its surface. The best way then is to cut off very thin slices, almost transparent and about 4 to 5 cm. long. with a little fat aside in order to produce juicy bites. Best slicing and consumption temperature stands around 20 to 25ºC.

Ourpre-sliced packs should better be stored fresh in between 4 and 10ºC. However it is necessary to increase their temperature at consumption time in order to easily separate each slice from another without tearing them up. The best way consists in placing the closed packs into tepid water for a while or under a lukewarm water flow. This allows the grease to melt and separate the slices easier .The product will also recover its whole aromas, flavors and taste.