Shoulder from Maximiliano Triple X

  • Raised in freedom
  • Natural product
  • Curing of more than 24 months

Iberian Shoulder of Bellota, selected in our dryer in Jabugo with a maturation of minimum 24 months.


If you buytoday, you can receive it at home on Monday 5 .


✅ Si no le gusta, lo recogemos y le devolvemos el dinero. Sin preguntas y sin molestias. 

✅ Lo seleccionamos en su punto óptimo de curación. 

✅ Envío urgente gratuito. Todos los envíos se entregan de lunes a sábado. Al día siguiente del pedido antes del medio día. 

✅ Puede pagarlo en casa sin costes añadidos y de forma segura al recibirlo. 

✅ Lo puede recibir ya cortado y al vacío. Todo el sabor con la máxima comodidad. 

    Our Clients all agree, the Shoulder from Jabugo Triple X is the best Shoulder of the World. The unique one with guarantee 100%.

    This Shoulder comes from iberian pigs which have been raised in liberty in our farms Maximiliano, an incomparable setting where year after year comes the "montanera", time of the best alimentation for the pigs: the acorns (bellota). The patience of our craftsmen, a pinch of salt, and the air of the mountains of Jabugo help our centenarian dryer to create this exclusive and special Shoulder that the client of Maximiliano recognizes through his satisfaction.

    After having selected the best Shoulders, choose the presentation; Pro pieces, Cut by Hand, our crafstmen will cut the product in a traditional way for you to savour it in thin slices and with the best comfort or sliced by Machine with the best efficiency.