Why buy Maximiliano

Because we assure your satisfaction up to the end

If you already are a client, you probably know all the resaons why you chose us and keep being client. If you are thinking of doing your first order by us, we are sure you will find all the reasons to do it on this website.

Guarantee without discussion

If you are not satisfied with the product we will replace it or refund you.

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Consultants experts in satisfaction

A team of experts to discover your preferences

For us the most important is to know your preferences and tastes so as to maximize your satisfaction. For this purpose, we place at your disposal a team of consultants to help you whenever you need via our online chat service.

Call us directly at (+34) 955 600 646 or send us a mail to [email protected]

Pay after you tried it

Receive our iberian fan and pay it after having tasted it.

We are so confident of your satisfaction, that if you have doubts we offer you the possibility to pay the iberian fan after having tried it. You only need to choose the product and select the method of payment "Pay after you've tried it". If you are finally satisfied, we will ask to realize the bank transfer, and if not, you can ask us to recuperate the product so as to send you a second one which fits better your preferences. You also have the choice to ask for the recuparation of the product but without replacement and in this case you will not have to pay us anything.

And if you are still not convinced, we have other reasons...

  • From the factory area to your home

    We take care of our products in our cellar until the shipment of the selected pieces in order to prevent a mishandling.

  • Direct and with the best price

    Directly from the factory without intermediary. There is no need to stock the product, which means we do not need to invest time to prepare your gifts.

  • Free shipment and on-time delivery

    Shipment completely free for pieces and assortments of products, with a delivery time of 48/72 hours within the Peninsula and Baleares.

  • Highest quality with services

    Your satisfaction is our very first preoccupation throughout the process. From the breeding to your house, several months have passed during which we took care of every aspects so as to offer you this unique product we are so proud of.

    From the drying area to your home. From our dedication to your satisfaction.

  • Unique and personalized presentation

    “There is only one chance to make a good first impression”, and for this purpose we were the pioneer to give to our products the importance they deserve with a good presentation. Attractive handmade boxes with the possibilty of adding a card with the desired text in order to create an exclusive gift.

    If you still have doubts, we invite you to send us a mail to [email protected] and we will immediately be at your disposal to resolve any doubts.

For everything and a lot more:

"because we do all this for you"