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Maximiliano Jabugo, 100 years of passion for the Pata Negra Ham

Our philosophy is to receive your satisfaction and we work daily for it.
The elaboration of iberian cured hams in the area of Jabugo started the last century. Several experts in the ham cut and other professionals have installed some drying rooms in the highest part of Huelva.

In 1900 were inaugurated the current facilities of Maximiliano, in Jabugo, and followed an original method of elaboration of the best products from our gastronomy: hams, shoulders and delicatessen. This craft passion is today perpetuated by Maximiliano Portes, who reunites the triple condition of veterinary, breeder and industrialist-craftsman.

Nowadays, Maximiliano Jabugo has created a huge family of professionals who love their mission and work to offer you the:

"Best Ham of the world".

Maximiliano Portes


He began his professional career in the world of ham for 28 years. Veterinary, breeder and founder of
Maximiliano Jabugo.

Maxi Portes

Quality Manager

Represents the second generation of Maximiliano and has always been linked to the world of ham.

Paco Cepero

Manager of Customer service.

Tenacious, available and always with the aim of doing better. He will not rest until he obtains your 100% satisfaction. Our guarantee certification.

Patri Pérez

Administration Manager

Ordained and meticulous, she does magic with numbers. She always has the data you need with efficiency and rapidity. Our human calculator and computer.

Blanca de Aguilar

Sales Manager

She likes to communicate and share. She develops bonds of affection which fortify the team with dynamism and enthusiasm. She examines the proposals and organizes unforgettable events and presentations... of course with good ham! Our most visible face.

100% Maximiliano, 100% Jabugo

The tradition continues ...