Jabugo to the maximum

An artisanal process with a very old tradition

Iberian pigs are raised free-range in our farms in Andalusia and Extremadura, which are our best guarantee and the reason why we exist.

The "Dehesa" is a remarkable natural framework where, year after year, comes the "montanera", period when the best food for pigs is produced: la bellota (acorns). Then the air of the mountains, a pinch of salt and the patience of our craftsmen are in charge of all the rest.

In the cradle of the best ham in the world, JABUGO, are located the ham drying of MAXIMILIANO JABUGO, which since 1900 have combined weather and naturals conditions with a very old artisanal tradition passed down from generation to generation.

It is here, in our ham drying from Jabugo that, since 1900, we cure our Hams and Shoulders with the unique help of the mountains, a pinch of salt and the patience of our craftsmen, who know how to detect the optimal point of maturation of the product, so as to offer you the best flavours.

We customize your order according to your preferences. All the pieces are selected by hand so as to take care of every details to the maximum.

Every commercial transaction with our clients, management, order administration, packaging and logistic are realized in our selection and distribution centre.

Maximiliano Jabugo, Welcome to the Iberculture