Terms and conditions

1. Acceptance and availability of the general terms and conditions of business

These General Contracting Conditions, hereinafter, "The General Terms and Conditions", will regulate the relationship between Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. (hereinafter, the Provider) and the users-clients, hereinafter, "the Client", who contracts the services or products offered on this website.

The acceptance of this document shall have the same contractual value as the signature of the contractors. The fact of having electronically followed all the steps described in the contract procedure, supposes the presumption that the user accepts unmistakably these general contracting conditions. This document might be printed and saved by The Costumer. www.maximilianojabugo.com places at the disposal of the Clients, the e-mail address [email protected] so as to contact us in case of any doubt about the General Terms and Conditions.

The provider, with the purpose of improving the offered services and products, reserves the right to modify at any time these conditions, as well as any other documents of the website, with previous notification to the customer.

The language of the formalized contract is spanish.

2. Applied Legislation and competent jurisdiction

These present Conditions have been developed in accordance with Law 34/2002, or the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, Law 7/1998 about the General Terms and Conditions, the Royal Decree 1906/1999 which regulates telephone or electronic contracting with general conditions under construction of the article 5.3 Law 7/1998, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16th November, which approved the Consolidated Draft of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, Law 7/1996 regulating the Retail Trade, the Royal Decree-Law 14/1999 of Electronic Signature and any other laws may be imposed.

For any litigious question concerning the General Terms and Conditions hosted on www.maximilianojabugo.com, Spanish legislation will apply and the users agree to submit the resolution of all conflicts arising or related to the use of this website to the Courts situated close to the fiscal address of Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. .

3. Products

The Products offered on www.maximilianojabugo.com, with their essential characteristics and prices appear on the screen. Apart from the price, and before confirming the purchase, will appear on the screen the total costs of shipment to the Client's domicile if given. The promotions will be rightfully displayed on screen.

Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. makes every effort within its means to provide the information contained on the Website as truthfully and without typographic errors. In the case that at some point there are any error of this kind, at all times outside the will of Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L., they would be corrected immediately.

In the case that, once the order realized, Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. has insufficient stock for the resquested product/s, they will inform the customer immediately about its unavailability and will refund the contracting party.

4. Prices

The price of our articles and services is the one indicated at any on our website. Prices shown on the screen will always be in euros and include VAT and any other tax which may be applicable, and they shall be valid at all times.

Products include 10% VAT and accessories and transports include 21% VAT.

If Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. detects an error in the introduction of an article's price, after reception of the order, we will inform you as soon as possible of the incident, and give you the option to cancel the order or to maintain it but with the right conditions. The remission of an authomatic confirmation does not validate erroneous price conditions. In the event of cancellation, we will refund the Client of the total amount paid. Without your express agreement to the right prices conditions, we will not pursue the shipment.

The price of a product does not include the charges of shipment. Those expenses are for the account of the buyer and will be added to the total amount of the selected products. The costs of delivery contracted will be determined in accordance with the conditions and modalities of the selected service/s. The Client will be unmistakably informed of those costs, which will be suitably indicated before the realization of the payment and before the confirmation of the order.

5. Purchase and payment methods

Purchasing on our online-shop is very easy: you only have to choose a product, add it to your basket and complete your order by choosing a method of payment.

If you have selected to pay by credit card, it will be operated via the bank's POS. If you choose another method, the payment will be done as described.

Then, the buyer will receive an e-mail with all information relating to the purchase. This document will be the confirmation of the purchase and that the payment has been made with success and counts as full probative value before any kind of claim, provided that the justification of payment has been added. If you do not see the email in your Inbox, check your Spam/Bulk/Junk folder, and if you do not find it, contact us in the shortest period of time at [email protected] and we will find a solution to this problem.

Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. will not send any product prior to acceptance of payment by our Administration Department or before acceptance of the payment by cash on delivery, in order to prevent any possible false order or no accepted by the Client.

In case of total or partial default by the Costumer, at the accorded maturity date for one or more shipments of goods, Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. may stop or cancel any contract in force or shipment in progress without answering for any damage or lost, including loss of profit or production loss caused to The Costumer. Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L., under no circumstances, will liberate the Client of its contractual obligations in relation to a payment due and reception of the products.

If the order, once confirmed and sent, is not accepted by the Client, he shall be responsible of the incurred costs. He will receive an invoice or a purchase justification by email and/or by post. Any false order or fraud attempts, will be reported to the competent authorities. We will provide all necessary information to cooperate with the investigation.

In case of a delayed reception or pick-up of the merchandise by the Customer, Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. will be entitled to store the goods, at the Client's expense and risk, in its facilities or of a third party and the Client will have the obligation to pay the incurred costs to Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L.

Form of payment

Credit card.You can pay with your Visa card or Mastercard through secure payment gateway. When you will realize your payment you will be redirected to a new accredited and secured page of Caja de Ingenieros where you will have to introduce your card data.

Cash on Delivery.With this method of payment you have the option to pay the order at the reception of the merchandise. The payment can be done by cash or certified check. This form of payment does not have costs and is only accepted for orders with destination to mainland Spain and Balearic.

Bank transfer.This form of payment can increase the amount of your purchase according to your bank's conditions. You can make a transfer and send us a justification of it at [email protected] with the order's number in order to accelerate the delivery.

  • Owner: Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L.
  • Banco Popular: 0075 3224 95 0600309706
  • Iban: ES57 0075 3224 9506 0030 9706
  • Bic or Swift: POPUESMM

Paypal.It is the global leader of the accredited online payments for purchases transactions via the Internet. It is widely used and offers a total security on payment. Paypal will be the only one to have your bank data, being an intermediary between the Client and Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. This method is immediate, at the time you will be realizing the payment, we will receive it in order to prepare your order (after checking your data). For more information we invite you to visit the spanish version of the website www.paypal.es, or the principal one in english www.paypal.com. Those links are external and link to pages with their own conditions of use and/or privacy.

Bank receipt/ Money order (only companies).At the time to realize your order, you have the possibility to give us your account number and we will manage your order as simple and convenient as possible. We will send the receipt to the bank the following week after having received the order (Mat. 10 days from invoice date). You have to indicate the owner of the account, the bank entity and account number.

Purchase now and pay later.Method which allows to buy/reserve a product and to pay it later with bank transfer to the indicated account Método de pago que permite comprar/reservar tu producto y pagar luego mediante transferencia bancaria up to 30 days from the purchase date.

Pay after having tasted itMethod wich allos to pay after having received and tried the product "Iberian Fan". If you are satisfied, you will have to realize the payment via bank transfer or other method of payment accepted by both parts.


The delivery of goods will be executed depending on the form selected by the Client on the availability of the products at the time of the purchase. The time of delivery is approximately 24 hours-7 days depending on the shipment area. We can not assure those time of delivery, although we intend with the transport agency to respect these terms as far as possible.

Below we will detail the areas and the corresponding delivery time:

Mainland Spain and Balearic48/72 hours
Insular Spain, the Canary (air shipment) 4 days
Insular Spain, the Canary (maritime shipment) 7 days
Ceuta and Melilla 4 working days
Europe 4/10 days

The cost of transport will be included in the invoice of the Client, and determined according to the weight and distance tables which can be consulted by the Client in our transport section.

The carrier will be the approved link with Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. and from who the client will be informed.

The client has to provide a phone number in order to localize the beneficiary, to find a quick solution with a problem about the order and above all to facilitate the delivery. In the event of erroneous data, you have to inform us of the error as soon as possible.

In any case, the transport agency will contact by phone so as to agree on a new delivery date in the absence of the recepient.

Remember you have the possibility to enter a delivery address that is different from the billing address. For example, inform us in the specified field your wish of making a gift and we will not add the bill inside the package.

If the customer finds damage or defects in the merchandise received, must notify it at the reception of the package and make contact with Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. in order to inform us of the incident.

If the customer does not find external damage at the reception of the package but when opening it he finds some damage on the product caused by the transport, must notify it within 24 hours to the transport agency añía de transporte so as to register the situation and make contact with Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. Otherwise, we will take into account that the product has been accepted as it stands. The transport agency, once the deadline elapses, will take into account that the merchandise has been delivered in perfect condition and will not be responsible of possible defects.

You have the possibility to follow up your order with the tracking number received by mail once your order left our facilities.

Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. is not responsible for lagging in the transport in these situations:

  • False or incomplete address
  • Not having provided a phone number
  • Transport strike

7. Areas and charges of delivery

Spain and Portugal

Delivery agency Seur

Mainland Spain and Balearic 7
Insular Spain, the Canary (air shipment) Consult
Insular Spain, the Canary (maritime shipment) Consult
Ceuta and Melilla Consult
Portugal 7

*21% V.A.T. Not included


Delivery agency Seur (NetExpressEuropa).

Germany Austria Bulgaria
Belgium Denmark Croatia*
France1 Slovakia Estonia
Netherlands Slovenia Finland
Italy1 Hungary Latvia
Luxembourg Irlande Lithuania
United Kingdom1 Poland Norway*
San Marino* Czech Republic Romania
  Switzerland* Sweden

*Countries to consult with the commercial department

5 24,20 40,73 53,45
10 26,62 43,60 58,47
15 31,46 52,33 70,81
20 38,72 61,07 82,06
25 43,56 70,91 93,22
30 48,40 81,34 106,27
40 60,50 100,50 125,73
50 72,60 120,76 145,62
60 83,25 115,19 131,89
70 96,32 133,58 153,07
80 109,38 151,98 174,24
90 122,45 170,37 195,42
100 135,52 188,76 216,59
110 148,59 207,15 237,77
120 161,66 225,54 258,94
130 174,72 243,94 280,12
140 187,79 262,33 301,29
150 200,86 280,72 322,47
160 213,93 299,11 343,64
170 227,00 317,50 364,82
180 240,06 335,90 385,99
190 253,13 354,29 407,17
200 266,20 372,68 428,34
210 279,27 391,07 449,52
220 292,34 409,46 470,69
230 305,40 427,86 491,87
240 318,47 446,25 513,04
250 331,54 464,64 534,22
260 344,61 483,03 555,39
270 357,68 501,42 576,57
280 370,74 519,82 597,74
290 383,81 538,21 618,92
300 396,88 556,60 640,09
310 409,95 574,99 661,27
320 423,02 593,38 682,44
330 436,08 611,78 703,62
340 449,15 630,17 724,79
350 462,22 648,56 745,97
360 475,29 666,95 767,14
370 488,36 685,34 788,32
380 501,42 703,74 809,49
390 514,49 722,13 830,67
400 527,56 740,52 851,84
410 540,63 758,91 873,02
420 553,70 777,30 894,19
430 566,76 795,70 915,37
440 579,83 814,09 936,54
450 592,90 832,48 957,72
460 605,97 850,87 978,89
470 619,04 869,26 1.000,07
480 632,10 887,66 1.021,24
490 645,17 906,05 1.042,42
500 658,24 924,44 1.063,59
  • Destinations of Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, Isle of Man and Channel Island have a supplement of 25% on the country's tariff.
  • Non EU-Countries have a supplement for customs facilities.
  • Transport insurance regulated by the general conditions of the CMR Convention.
  • V.A.T. not included for EU-Countries.

8. Discounts and promotions

Free shipment

Free shipping on orders above 29,90 (V.A.T included) only for mainland Spain and Balearic

Volume discount

Purchases by volumes have the followed discounts:

  • From 1.000 € to 3.000 €: 4% discount
  • From 3.001 € to 6.000 €: 6% discount
  • From 6.001 € to 12.000 €: 8% discount
  • From 12.001 €: 10% discount

9. Refund

We want your satisfaction, this is the reason why we offer you a 100% guarantee without discussion. If your order is not as you expected it, we will recuperate it at your domicile with the option to replace or refund it.

If you choose to replace the product, we will take charge of sending a carrier to your home in order to recuperate the product, which will have to be in its original package or similar with our address.

Before sending back the product, the client shall ensure that it is correctly protected and sealed in order to prevent damage during the transport.

Defective goods or incorrect shipment

With the purpose to provide you the best possible care and replacement in the event of an error in the order, it is important to check the number of packages and the goods at the reception. Remember that any defects found on the goods must be notified within 24 hours. Any notification after this delay will not be take into account. Any external damage noted at the reception of the good must be directly notified to the carrier.

In the event of returning the product by lack of compliance (defected products or erroneous sending), the customer has the right to opt for the refund of his payment or for the replacement of the product with another of the same characteristics. In this case, Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. will be in charge of the transport costs for the recuperation or replacement of the good.

The user has 14 days from the reception of the product to return it, but with the obligation to notify it within 48 hours at [email protected] with the reason of the return. If the user does not respect those timelines, the return of the product will not be possible.

The refund of the amount paid will be operated in the same way as initially provided that it meets the above requirements.

Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. makes the followed information available to the user-client in order to ease a quick contact, personal and direct with the purpose to resolve any question, doubt or complaint: E-MAIL: [email protected] or PHONE: (+34) 955 600 646.

10. Packaging

The goods will be packed in the best conditions to ensure its integrity during the transport.

11. Safeguard clause

Each clause of this contract must be read independently, if one of them has been nullified by judicial decision it will not affect the other sections. The contracting parties agree to substitute the affected clause or clauses for others in order to pursue the intended goal pursued by both parties in this present contract.

12. Disclaimer of liability

Herederos de Maximiliano, S.L. not liable for interruptions that occur in electrical or telecommunications services to prevent customers / users to use the services offered.